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Comfortable accommodation for your cat

Each of the chalets are large enough to accommodate 2 cats comfortably and we also have family chalets that take up to 3-6 cats. The large sleeping area in each chalet is fitted with a thermostatically controlled heater, so your cat can stay warm and cosy even on the colder nights.  All the chalets are lined, insulated and heated and have comfy warm beds provided.  Toys and scratch posts are also provided for your cat.   It is recommended that you bring something that smells of home as it will help your cat to feel safe straight away.

Your cat will have a peaceful rural outlook from their accommodation with wildlife and interesting views to keep them happy and entertained.   

The cattery benefits from lots of natural daylight with beautiful views and shelves for your cat to sit on whilst admiring the view and basking in the sunshine. 

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